Z-Health is a movement system created by Dr. Eric Cobb for training the nervous system. It offers you an effective approach to optimize your health and your movement performance, to live pain free using applied neuro-anatomy.

The Z-Health focus on the nervous system is successful because the nervous system is the governing system of our bodies. It is the fastest and also the most stable. We now know can learn and adapt at any age.

What this means is we can make changes quickly and efficiently that are long lasting. These can be changes in range of motion (ROM), strength, coordination, speed, agility, accessible activity, concentration, decreased levels of pain, and improved mood. By communicating directly with your brain and central nervous system, Z-Health opens the way to moving with energy and vitality.

Z-Health engages the nervous system through joint ROM exercises called Joint Mobility Drills. These movements are a specific pathway to your brain that encourage better movement choices.

Joints are surrounded by dense populations of nerve endings. These nerve endings tell your body where it is in the environment and how fast is it moving, and what movement is safe to perform. You enliven these nerve endings by moving specifically at the joints to improve feedback to your brain about where your bones and joints are in relation to each other. These concepts may seem simple but they are revolutionary. The shift of focus to what is happening at your joints will transform your movement experiences, athleticism and pure enjoyment of kinetics.

The better the information provided to your brain, the more optimal movement choices it will make. You improve your form, your function, your potential, your enjoyment, and you get out of pain.

Neural Warm Up
Level 1

Z-Health Quickstart