We offer therapeutic workouts that are created to meet your specific physical and mental goals

Remember to breathe: Let your lower ribs move roundfully

Our training model integrates all of our life experiences using the brain and its infinite potential as the governing system of our bodies.

We target specific life and training goals and any specific problem areas to enhance performance, relieve pain, and restore healthy movement!

Our lens is the fantastic current research in neuroscience and ongoing study with Dr. Eric Cobb D.C., of Z-Health Performance Solutions


We train movement rather than muscle

Racing form

1-3x per week we work together for 55 minute sessions:

  • joint mobility drills
  • vision training
  • breathing activities
  • bone rhythm assessment and drills
  • balance vestibular activities
  • physical training using body weight, Pilates apparatus, resistance bands, and free weights
  • cueing for improved movement patterns include physical demonstration, imagery and metaphor, and working with our skeleton, Felix/ Felicia
Sports athletic ready position — for all!

4-6 days per week the work goes home with you

  • combinations of movements and activities specific to your goals, challenges, and progress.
  • adapted to the amount of time you have available, from 5 — 60 minutes

We share our tools, as listed above, using inclusive learning techniques based on the unique combination of intelligences of each person.

We recognize your particular proclivities and talents as the open door to play and learning. We hope to broaden the scope of your learning and enjoyment of your physicality, your intellect, and your heart.

“It is our birth right as human beings to interact with our planet and fellow movers from a state of well being created from the innate wisdom of an agile mind and an agile body.”

Beth Harris

Options for Training at Our Studio

  • 1x neural evaluation where we learn what is most helpful to you and your physical goals, includes referrals to appropriate, complimentary practitioners.
  • 4-10 sessions: learn home program to support movement goals, includes rehabilitation solutions.
  • 1x monthly check-ins to update your progress
  • 30-40 sessions to learn an independent workout using bodyweight/pilates apparatus in our studio.
  • Ongoing training (2x per month or 1-3x per week) using bodyweight, Pilates, dance, as your physical fitness activity.
working together