Pilates at the Plaza

Pilates at the Plaza

Agility for All!
It’s in the Design

Everyone can play


Everyone can move


Everyone can learn


No matter your age or physical ability
you can have access to mental and physical agility.
Moving our own bodies well isn’t just for athletes.

“You only have to let the soft animal of your body love what it loves.”

Mary Oliver

Featuring Lisa Yang and Mary Reid

“The work we do goes home with you - it doesn’t stay behind in the studio.” Explore

Response to Pilates at the Plaza’s work:


Wow! I am so grateful for what you've taught me. I felt completely confident in adapting exercises to work for me and being aware of the my alignment (6 days of hiking and that pesky right hip flexor never bothered me once because I could envision what other parts were supporting it. It was such fun to look across the room during stretch classes and see waves of hips and shoulders that belonged on the floor popping up in the air all over the place -- and feel mine were solidly grounded.

-- SS, Life Coach


I just wanted to tell you I'm doing so much better. My bike stopped hurting me after our session. Amazing. I feel like I can calm down now. Thank you for your magic wisdom.

-- DF, Medical Doctor

“Game Changer”

Prior to seeing the trainers at Pilates at the Plaza, I had been having hip pains for 8 years as the result of being struck by a car while riding my road bike. The injury was getting progressively more painful and eventually prevented me from doing things like surfing, playing golf and softball, and running around with my kids. The physical injury was also becoming a mental barrier, affecting my whole outlook on life. Injuries will do that, I have found out the hard way. My life gradually drew to a halt. Now, a month into our training, I can feel my toes again and I am standing up straighter and getting back to a full life. Working with Beth has been a game changer in my life. I’m a firm believer in the positive effects of Z-Health now!

-- EN, Athlete Musician and Father of Two